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Complete Set Of Papermaking Equipment

Rotary Net Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine

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Number: ≥1件

Detailed Description

  Project Overview:

  This Project Intends To Use Waste Paper To Produce 70-300g/M? Corrugated Paper, Kraft Paper, Cardboard Paper And Other Packaging Paper. The Main Equipment Consists Of A Pulping Equipment Production Line, A Papermaking Press Drying Department, And A Paper Product Processing Completion Department.

  One. Main Technical Parameters:

  1. Production Varieties: Corrugated Paper, Cardboard Paper, Kraft Paper, Wrapping Paper, Yarn Tube Paper, Liner Paper, Cup Paper, Etc.

  2, Quantitative Range: 70-400g/M2

  3. Net Paper Width: 1575-3800mm

  4. Daily Output: 10-100t/D

  5. Working Speed: 80-400m/Min

  6. ??Design Speed: 450m/Min

  7. Pressure Method: Pneumatic Pressure

  8. Track Distance: 2400-4900mm

  9. Transmission Mode: AC Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation, Branch Transmission

  2. Paper Machine Configuration Form:

  1. Forming Part Configuration: Consists Of Multiple Cylinders And Pressure Former Cylinders.

  2. Press Section Configuration: Open Press, Vacuum Press, Large Roll Press, Three-Roll Two-Nip Compound Press (Commonly Known As K Press), 606 Structure Compound Press, Etc.

  3. Drying Section Configuration: Consists Of Multiple Cylinders. The Transmission Form Can Be Divided Into Open Gear And Closed Gearbox Transmission Configuration.

  Various Types Of Sizing Machines, Hot Calenders And Semi-Dry Calenders Can Be Configured.

  4. Finished Department Configuration: Various Types Of Cylindrical Paper Reels, Horizontal Paper Reels, Etc.

  5. Paper Processing Configuration: Various Types Of Ordinary Rewinders.

  The Above Paper Machine Configuration Form Is Chosen By The Customer.

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