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Complete Set Of Papermaking Equipment

Corrugated Paper, Kraft Paper Machine

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Detailed Description

  Project Overview:

  This project intends to use waste paper to produce 70-300g/m? corrugated paper, kraft paper, cardboard paper and other packaging paper. The main equipment consists of a pulping equipment production line, a papermaking press drying department, and a paper product processing completion department.

  One. Main technical parameters:

  1. Production varieties: corrugated paper, cardboard paper, kraft paper, wrapping paper, yarn tube paper, liner paper, cup paper, etc.

  2, Quantitative range: 70-300g/m2

  3. Net paper width: 1575-3800mm

  4. Daily output: 10-100t/d

  5. Working speed: 80-400m/min

  6. ??Design speed: 450m/min

  7. Pressure method: pneumatic pressure

  8. Track distance: 2400-4900mm

  9. Transmission mode: AC frequency conversion speed regulation, branch transmission

  2. Paper machine configuration form:

  1. Configuration of forming part: Multi-round net, pressure former round net, super-forming, single fourdrinier, double fourdrinier and overlapping net.

  2. Press section configuration: open press, vacuum press, large roll press, three-roll two-nip compound press (commonly known as K press), 606 structure compound press, etc.

  3. Drying section configuration: consists of multiple cylinders. The transmission form can be divided into open gear and closed gearbox transmission configuration.

  Various types of sizing machines, hot calenders and semi-dry calenders can be configured.

  4. Finished department configuration: various types of cylindrical paper reels, horizontal paper reels, etc.

  5. Paper processing configuration: various types of ordinary rewinders.

  The above paper machine configuration form is chosen by the customer.

  ?Performance display

  2100 type corrugated paper production line (exported to Uzbekistan)

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