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Recycled Leather Equipment

Recycled Leather Equipment

Price: ¥ 0.00
Number: ≥1件

Detailed Description

  The Machine Is Simple To Operate, Environmentally Friendly And Sanitary, And Has Low Processing Costs. Market Prospects.

  The Raw Materials Are All Kinds Of Leather Corner Waste, Leather Grinding Machine Ash, Fiber Waste, Etc., Which Are Crushed By Special Equipment, Mixed With Glue And Stirred To Make A Slurry, And Then Formed Into A Paper Sheet With A Thickness Of 0.6-5mm Using The Air-Floating Fourdrinier Process Between (Can Be Adjusted Arbitrarily). After This Production Line Dehydration, Pressing, Drying, Ironing, Flattening, Cut To Length Or Roll Packaging And Other Processes Are Completed At One Time, Increasing The Product Output.

  The Main Technical Parameters:

  1. Production Varieties: Recycled Leather

  2, Net Leather Width: 1500mm

  3. Design Speed: 25m/Min

  4. Working Speed: 8-20m/Min

  5, Gauge: 2400mm

  6. Pressure Method: Pneumatic Pressure

  7. Transmission Mode: Branch Transmission, Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation

  8. Arrangement: Left And Right Mobile Phones (Provided By Users)

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