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Paper Pulping Equipment

Double Cone Cleaner

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Number: ≥1件

Detailed Description

  The Double-Cone Cleaner Is A Kind Of Slag Removal Equipment For High-Concentration Purified Pulp. It Is An Ideal Choice For Paper Manufacturers To Improve Product Quality And Grade, And Select And Purify Pulp. In Particular, The Effect Of Purifying Waste Paper Pulp Is Better, And It Is Impossible To Recycle Waste Paper. The Lack Of Key Equipment Uses The Difference In The Proportion Of Fibers And Impurities To Separate Heavy Impurities From The Pulp To Achieve The Purpose Of Purifying The Pulp. The Equipment Has A Wide Range Of Applications, And Can Be Used For The Rough Separation And Purification Of High-Concentration Pulp, And It Can Also Be Used For Pre-Selection And Purification Of Low-Concentration Pulp Before The Paper Machine.

  The Slag Remover Has A Small Area, Large Production Capacity, Convenient Operation, Does Not Block The Slag Discharge Port, And Has High Purification Efficiency. The Slurry Only Passes Through The Slag Remover Once, Does Not Require Tail Slurry Treatment Equipment, Has Zero Fiber Loss, And The Vertebral Body Is Resistant Grinding, Pressure Resistance, Long Service Life, Install It In The Slurry Transportation Process, Can Achieve The Slag Removal Effect.

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