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Paper Pulping Equipment

Double Disc Refiner

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Detailed Description

  1. Features and uses of double disc refiner

  1. This machine is a continuous beating equipment for coarse and fine grinding of pulping systems in the paper industry. It can also be used as a high-efficiency disintegration equipment for pulp slag regrind and waste paper repulping. It has the advantages of high production efficiency and low power consumption.

  2. This machine is a horizontal double-disc refiner that feeds the pulp on both sides of the double grinding zone and discharges the pulp radially above.

  3. Two forms of packing seal and mechanical seal are adopted, which are reliable in sealing and can directly observe whether there is slurry leakage.

  4. Compared with similar refiners, this machine has an improved bearing support structure, balanced operation, high efficiency, and a more compact structure, which is convenient for installation, debugging and maintenance.

  Second, the main technical parameters of the double disc refiner


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