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Paper Pulping Equipment

High-Speed Washing Machine

Price: ¥ 0.00
Number: ≥1件

Detailed Description

  1. Overview:

  This Equipment Has A Very High Removal Efficiency For Fine Impurities Such As Ink Particles And Fillers In The Slurry. It Can Be Widely Used In Various Domestic And Foreign Waste Newsprint Recycled Pulp, Waste Book Paper Recycled Pulp And Various Office Waste Paper Recycled Pulp, Chemical Washing And Concentrating The Slurry Before And After Bleaching. The High-Speed Washer Is A New Generation Of Waste Paper Pulp Washing And Concentration Equipment Designed And Produced Specifically For The Washing And Concentration Of Waste Paper Recycled Pulp, Especially Waste Paper Deinking Pulp.

  2. Specifications And Parameters:



  3. Main Features:

  1. High Impurity Removal Efficiency

  2. High Dehydration Efficiency

  3, The Cleanliness Of The Slurry After Washing Is High

  4, The Slurry Quality After Washing Is Uniform

  5. Small Footprint And Large Production Capacity

  6. Simple Operation, Saving Manpower

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